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    Digital Twin

    Why we need a vision for digital twins

    Peter Aulbach is an engineer with a PhD in healthcare sciences who has always been fascinated by the link between technology and health. In the interview, he explains how an interdisciplinary 40-strong team developed a vision for digitally connected healthcare.
    Marcus Klein
    Published on May 19, 2022

    Peter Aulbach, what challenges will we face as we strive to improve and help shape the patient journey?

    How far have we got to where we want to be?

    Peter Aulbach and collegues

    Always in exchange: For Aulbach, the collaboration with internal and external experts is key to drive forward our three core technologies.

    Has an interdisciplinary approach to work always been important to you?

    You have developed and presented technology visions for our company by selecting exemplary people such as the stroke risk patient Paula and the heart patient John. What do you aim to achieve with these stories?

    Can you summarize for us the stories of Paula and John?

    digital twin infographic

    How a digital twin protects John’s heart

    You talk about “we.” Who exactly is meant by that?

    Do these kinds of visions already have specific benefits for our customers?

    By Marcus Klein